Healthy coffee through proven and herbal ingredients

The wide variety of different natural ingredients not only provide a unique taste, but also initiate certain processes in our body, which have a positive effect on our health and well-being.


Ingredients of Kornnikar Coffee - the coffee for a healthy living



Which effects can these ingredients have on me?


Acerola cherry – Binds free radicals and contains a lot of vitamin C for the immune system,
contains collagen which is good for your skin, acts anti-inflammatory, reduces blood pressure.


caterpillar fungus

Caterpillar Fungus – Strenghtens the immune system, helps against fatigue, allergies, asthma and chronic cough,
supports general health care, physical balance and sexual rehabilitation.


Garcinia Kornnikar Coffee

Garcinia – Stimulates the metabolism, inhibits the formation of fetal cells.


Gingko - Kornnikar Coffee

Ginkgo – Supports the circulation of your blood and is good for your bronchi, promotes the oxygen supply in the brain and the heart,
encourages concentration and memory, supports aggainst muscle cramps, as well as against tinnitus.


Ginseng - Kornnikar Coffee

Ginseng – Supplies energy for your body, rejuvenation of body and mind, against heat buildup in the menopause,
relief in gastritis / inflammation in the gastric mucosa, supporting effect in the detoxification of blood,
stimulates the pancreas and supports the insulin production.


Goji berries - Kornnikar Coffee

Goji-berries – Strengthens your heart and your immune system, support against rheumatism as well as allergies,
relieve sleep disorders, headaches and dizziness, support the thyroid as well as intestinal flora and acts detoxifying,
have positive effect on our ability to see, good for skin care.


Inulina - Kornnikar Coffee

Inulina – Dietary fiber, which encreases the intake of magnesium and calcium so that body minerals can be stored better,
supports the prevention of osteoporosis and is good for your bones, reduces the intake of sugar and lower the cholesterol level.


Prickly Pears

Prickly Pears – Rich in fiber and inhibits appetite as well as fat deposits, inhibits the enzyme which produces cholesterol.


Lutein - Kornnikar Coffee

Lutein – Binds free radicals, prevents heart disease, reduces the risk of age-related degeneration of the eye.


Magnesium - Kornnikar Coffee

Magnesium – Regulates the acivity of the nervous system and your muscels, stimulates the metabolism, is required for bone growth.


Reishi Mushrooms  - Kornnikar Coffee

Reishi Mushrooms – Supports the immune system and ist good for heart as well as blood pressure, positive effects on your vitality, promotes healthy sleep, stimulates the metabolism.


Soy beans - Kornnikar Coffee

Soy beans – Digestion-promoting and blood-fat-lowering.


Grape Seed - Kornnikar Coffee

Grape seed – Bind free radicals. Prevent premature skin aging, protect blood vessels from deposits, strengthen the immune system,
have a positive effect on your eyes.


White beans - Kornnikar Coffee

White beans – Carbohydrate blocker, which supports the lose of weight.



Additional vital substances

L-Carnitina, L-Tartrate: support digestion, lowers the hunger, help by losing weight.
L-Glutathione: stimulates the white blood cells, ensures cell protection as well as slowed cell aging.
L-Glutamine: energy supplier, strenghtens the muscles, helps with the muscle build-up.
Lycopene: antioxidant, reduces the cancer risk, is good for prostate.
Collagen: good for the skin, tightens the connective tissue.
Sucralose: calorie-free sugar substitute.
Chromium Picolinate: supporting for blood glucose regulation, prevents hot hunger sensation.